Wednesday, 25 December 2013


Looking for some new tunes to hum along to as we approach the starting of a new year? Here are some ideas on different albums you could try – and more importantly, advice on what to not buy. Some are new, some have been around for a while, but we promise you, three out of four of these are worth listening to.

Under the mistletoe The teen idol shows off his talent once again in the most original and artistic Christmas album of all time – NOT. Under the Mistletoe may make a lousy Frisbee to play catch with your pet dog, but it would still make more sense than actually playing the record. Unless you want to thoroughly ruin your merry Christmas, we suggest that you prize this album as a blessed gift to that one backstabbing friend that you always knew you had – he or she should get the message somewhere around the fourth track of the album, when Bieber exclaims, “Santa is coming, gurl!”. Include a paper bag if you feel extra kind.
Listen to: “Mistletoe”, “Silent Night”, “This Christmas Song”

To the seaIt doesn’t take much to get Banana Pancakes over the ruggedly handsome Jack Johnson, even if he’s not exactly your preferred gender. While his other songs bring to mind an image of a busking hobo freshly smoked and stoned, the tracks in To The Sea are less acoustic, more funky, strummy, and catchy. The album makes for good travel music, or a relaxing soundtrack to unwind to at the end of a bustling day, with a glass of your preferred wine in your grasp. Voted #1 Green Musician by Billboard magazine, Johnson is probably one of the few artists with a low carbon footprint tag and an active philanthropist towards green causes.
Listen to: “You and Your Heart”, “My Little Girl”, “Red Wines, Mistakes, Mythology”

PrismRoaring her way back to the top of the charts is none other than boob cream-whipping machine, Katy Perry, with her latest tracks featuring lyrics that are a bit more close to the artist’s heart. What’s more, the album Prism comes with a bonus packet of daisy seeds that the artist has requested her more hipster fans to plant and ‘spread the light’ – a “joke” that the bio-hazard paranoid Australia took as practically a terrorist threat. Unintentional PR stunts aside, Perry displays her slightly stagnant talent through her silly pop and double entendre lyrics (again) in what some refer to as her “most complete statement album just yet”. Is it really as good as the fans claim? You decide.
 Listen to: “Roar”, “Legendary Lovers”, “Dark Horse”

Area 52If you’ve been even remotely watching this Mexican guitar plucking duo, they’ve come a long way  since their nomadic busking days in the streets of Dublin, to be featured in some of Hollywood’s best film soundtracks. Unlike their usual four handed performances, Area 52 features the ccompaniment of C.U.B.A., the Cuban Orchestra and incorporates guest appearances from sitar player Anoushka Shankar and Palestinian musician trio, Le Trio Joubran. Oh, and all their album covers are made from recycled paper – just another hippie reason to love them!
Listen to: “Santo Domingo”, “Hanuman”, “11.11”

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