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Car tinting is a bigger investment that given credit for. It takes time, money, and if not done properly, can result in bad damage that would take even more time and money to fix. So whether you’re sending your new ride for tinting or are just fed up of getting too much sun and heat while on the road, here are some FAQs to help you with your decision to go to the dark side.

In Malaysia, JPJ regulations state that tint on the windscreen should allow no less than 70% of light through, while all other windows should allow no less than 50% light through. Exemption can be obtained from the transport minister to get a darker tint for health or security purposes.
WHAT COLOUR TO GO FOR?It’s a safe bet to stick with the usual colours, which are shades of black. Come on, we’re not in the 80’s anymore.
WHAT TYPE TO GET?SledgeHammerGlassVia
There are many different types of tints available out there. It is important to also note that darker doesn’t really mean more protection from the sun. To get proper sun protection, opt for a reflective tint that comes with 99% UV protection. If you’re worried about your car being broken into, you can also spend a little more getting a security-film type of tint. They are thicker, hardier, and are tougher to break through, and should give you a little more protection from carjackers, snatch thieves, or God forbid, assassins.
WHERE TO INSTALL IT?There is no hard and fast rule about this, as there are many workshops that offer car tinting. So your options would be to either get a recommendation from a friend, or make inquiries at a few workshops before making up your mind. There are DIY tinting kits available in car accessory shops, but unless you’ve had a fair enough of experience fitting them on, your best bet would be to leave it to the pros who are equipped and experienced in tinting.
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You might find cheap offers online, but think twice before you go for those. Cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean better, especially if you have to end up replacing them anytime soon.  Tint removal costs a lot of money too. Going for well established brands will hit your pocket a little harder, but might be more effective and cost-efficient in the long run.
HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE?Tinting your car should take around 3 hours depending on the size of your car, and how busy the workshop is. It is best to budget around half a day to a day for car tinting. The adhesive on the other hand, takes several days to dry, and your workshop would usually not recommend cleaning or winding down your windows for about 3-5 days.
HOW DO I CARE FOR MY TINT?Avoid contact with metal objects which can scratch the tint. Also, be mindful when pulling your seatbelt on, so that the buckle doesn’t accidentally swipe the surface of the tint. To clean the inside of your windows where the tint is, the safest way would be to use water and a soft cloth. Avoid using ammonia based products on the tinted portions. Check with your workshop what is safe to use and what is not.

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You are not alone in the cosmos. Never mind alien life that may or may not one day visit our planet, there are others closer to home that deserve just as much more care and attention. Look around you, the spirits of the primordial forest are crying out for protection. The natural wealth of Malaysia has to be defended. And the orangutan is a symbol of that priceless wild beauty that has so blessed this land.
 *****Article by Azral Hanan*****
The orangutans are some of our closes relatives on the evolutionary family tree – and among some of the most endangered. Habitat destruction, deforestation and hunting have taken a toll on these most precious dwellers of the forest. If no heed is paid to their plight, there may come a time when the vast green canopies will be silent and empty, the voices of the spirits gone forever.
Recognising the immense significance of the orangutan not only as a symbol of the country’s natural beauty but also as legacy for future generations, a collaborative effort between Orang-utan Appeal UK (OAUK) an England registered wildlife organisation, the Sabah Wildlife Department as well as Land Rover was initiated to ensure that these gentle red-furred apes would have a chance.
Known as the Tabin Orangutan Project (TOP), it was established to provide better understanding of these great apes so that greater improvements can be made to the successful local program of rehabilitating captive, orphaned and injured orangutans back into the wild. The Tabin Wildlife Reserve (TWF) with an area twice the size of Singapore was ideal for this venture. The first participants include nine research assistants and eight orangutans.
Anekara scanning the treetops for food
Understanding the Problems
The causes for depletion in orangutan numbers in the wild are manifold and complex, but can be attributed to large scale habitat loss for the orangutans due to increasing human encroachment on their domain. These primates value their privacy and avoid others of their own kind. Leading semi-solitary lives foraging over vast distances their territories often do not overlap with that of others.
When deforestation occurs and the size of their foraging areas are reduced, orangutans become displaced and begin leaving their original home range. This often leads to them straying into human settlements. Many farmers in the small villages deep in the jungle consider orangutans as nothing more than pests that raid their hard-earned fruits and crops. There is then always the danger that whenever the encounter or capture an orangutan it could be mistreated or worse.
Mass logging and clearing away the jungle for infrastructure projects mean that many orangutans are easily exposed to unscrupulous hunting as their environment is disrupted. Young orangutans are much sought after in the lucrative pet trade. The net effect of deforestation, hunting and young orangutans being taken into captivity has not only been decreasing the population of wild orangutans, but also lead to a relatively new problem. Orphaned young orangutans along with captive orangutans that have been abandoned when taking care of them proved too difficult, have been turning up at orangutan rehab centres vacross Borneo and Sumatra.
Of Hope and Hard Work
The main aim of TOP is to have a better idea of post-release conditions and how to ensure the maximum positive outcome for orangutans being re-released into the jungle. It’s all about collecting as much data as possible on general re-introduction outcomes in terms of how each individual is responding and coping to their return. Also, the importance of establishing exactly what are the post-release needs of the rehabilitants in order to enable them to survive and thrive.
The relatively small number of orangutans being monitored means researchers can better focus on each individual over a period of weeks. Assessments are done of the animal’s health through evaluation of fecal matter, diet and from time to time veterinary visits. This is also one of the first instances where VHF telemetry is used via implantation on each released orangutan.
The Tabin Orangutan Project (TOP) is fortunate in having along the guidance, assistance and cooperation of the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre. Established in 1964 and managed by the Sabah Wildlife Department, it has decades of experience in rehabilitating and preparing captive orangutans for release into the wild. The Centre had also been using the Tabin Wildlife Reserve as a translocation hub for injured and captive orangutans for years.
With new advances in scientific equipment, research and the use of telemetry, radar and GPS, tracking orangutans is no longer the near impossible task it once was. Yet, it is still a labour intensive sweat-inducing affair requiring hours or even days in the field, trekking through the thick jungle foliage on foot which always requires a parang or machete handy.
For longer distances, one would require a sturdy four-wheel all-terrain vehicle to navigate muddy roads, swamplands and leaf littered forest floors. Fortunately, TOP partner, Land Rover, facilitated the AP and helped bring a brand spanking new Land Rover Defender 130 to the site to allow researchers to traverse even the hardiest terrain.
Land Rover also recently donated £3500 (RM16,587) to help pay for a new roof, extensions to living quarters and a water tower at the TOP base camp. TOP isn’t just an onsite field project; it also aims to build and develop awareness with the local community since the people here living on the ground are on the frontline of the ecological struggle. Their views and actions matter a great deal if the orangutan is to have any chance of success. To that end, TOP is tirelessly engaging with local communities with awareness programs and presentations in schools in Lahad Datu along with training locals as staff members.
For the Long Run
These distant yet gentle red-haired relations deserve a chance to live on, so that our future children will be able to thrill at their antics and wonder awestruck at the gleam in their eyes. The endeavour of TOP and the earnest effort of the people behind this project will hopefully go some way towards ensuring that the forests will always be alive with the sights and sounds of the orangutan.


Looking for some new tunes to hum along to as we approach the starting of a new year? Here are some ideas on different albums you could try – and more importantly, advice on what to not buy. Some are new, some have been around for a while, but we promise you, three out of four of these are worth listening to.

Under the mistletoe The teen idol shows off his talent once again in the most original and artistic Christmas album of all time – NOT. Under the Mistletoe may make a lousy Frisbee to play catch with your pet dog, but it would still make more sense than actually playing the record. Unless you want to thoroughly ruin your merry Christmas, we suggest that you prize this album as a blessed gift to that one backstabbing friend that you always knew you had – he or she should get the message somewhere around the fourth track of the album, when Bieber exclaims, “Santa is coming, gurl!”. Include a paper bag if you feel extra kind.
Listen to: “Mistletoe”, “Silent Night”, “This Christmas Song”

To the seaIt doesn’t take much to get Banana Pancakes over the ruggedly handsome Jack Johnson, even if he’s not exactly your preferred gender. While his other songs bring to mind an image of a busking hobo freshly smoked and stoned, the tracks in To The Sea are less acoustic, more funky, strummy, and catchy. The album makes for good travel music, or a relaxing soundtrack to unwind to at the end of a bustling day, with a glass of your preferred wine in your grasp. Voted #1 Green Musician by Billboard magazine, Johnson is probably one of the few artists with a low carbon footprint tag and an active philanthropist towards green causes.
Listen to: “You and Your Heart”, “My Little Girl”, “Red Wines, Mistakes, Mythology”

PrismRoaring her way back to the top of the charts is none other than boob cream-whipping machine, Katy Perry, with her latest tracks featuring lyrics that are a bit more close to the artist’s heart. What’s more, the album Prism comes with a bonus packet of daisy seeds that the artist has requested her more hipster fans to plant and ‘spread the light’ – a “joke” that the bio-hazard paranoid Australia took as practically a terrorist threat. Unintentional PR stunts aside, Perry displays her slightly stagnant talent through her silly pop and double entendre lyrics (again) in what some refer to as her “most complete statement album just yet”. Is it really as good as the fans claim? You decide.
 Listen to: “Roar”, “Legendary Lovers”, “Dark Horse”

Area 52If you’ve been even remotely watching this Mexican guitar plucking duo, they’ve come a long way  since their nomadic busking days in the streets of Dublin, to be featured in some of Hollywood’s best film soundtracks. Unlike their usual four handed performances, Area 52 features the ccompaniment of C.U.B.A., the Cuban Orchestra and incorporates guest appearances from sitar player Anoushka Shankar and Palestinian musician trio, Le Trio Joubran. Oh, and all their album covers are made from recycled paper – just another hippie reason to love them!
Listen to: “Santo Domingo”, “Hanuman”, “11.11”

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Wouldn’t it be great to get a robot to help you out at home? In Part 1Part 2, we’ve talked about robots being relationship stand-ins and even sex bots. Now, it’s time to look at how robots can help us at home and explore the possibilities of just how close A.I. will get to the real thing.
 *****Article by Azral Hanan*****
Domestic Helper
Today the notion of robots taking care of us and doing all the work is definitely no longer in the realm of sci-fi. We have fully automated industries where robots have replaced human labour. As said before, robot drones now fly the skies, watching or killing while saving the lives of soldiers and pilots who are no longer in harm’s way. Robots are used for humanitarian purposes as well: finding survivors of natural disasters such as earthquakes and disposing of bombs and mines.
(Image via Android World)
The concept of the robot wife or domestic helper takes it one step further. It’s also part wish-fulfillment; the adolescent male fantasy of the perfect housewife who will take care of the household, the kids while still looking fabulous for her husband when he comes home from work. More sinisterly it appeals to the patriarchal ego trip that some men have of women or wives serving their husbands or male masters – taking care of their physical, emotional and family needs with no complaints and only fawning adoration (see: Stepford Wives). It’s a powerful, conservative ideal.
•          Implications:
On the surface, having artificial domestic servants sounds like a smashing idea. They’ll work till they drop, and give 100% or more depending on the setting. They won’t complain, or steal your jewelry or cash. If advances have made in cybernetics and synthetic skins, they could be all made to look like supermodels, take your pick which one.
A scene from Stepford Wives
A scene from Stepford Wives
Feminists might argue that sexualisation of domestic server robots could have a spillover effect into other areas where the men might treat women the same way they would the robot. More insidiously, having an army of aesthetically appealing slave androids could influence social attitudes in unforeseen ways. It might encourage more misogyny and women and children being treated as chattel. Or it could have a more positive result: people with an inclination to abuse women and children as slaves could use the robots as the outlet instead. So, the overall standard in human relations improves as everyone mistreats a robot servant in place of humans currently.
Also if androids can serve as companions and domestic helpers while being sexually enticing, the eventuality of people taking them for wives also increases (yeah, humans are weird creatures). This is already foreseen by Futurologist Ray Hammond. “There will certainly be emotional attachment between humans and machines,” he then adds “although I don’t think ‘marriage’ is anything other than a word for headline writers. People already form weak emotional bonds with inanimate objects, and as objects become increasingly intelligent, these bonds will strengthen.” I love my computer, doesn’t mean I want to mate with it though.
Now with the rapid pace of advancement in IVF treatments potentially life-like female androids with working wombs could be coming our way. Already a technique to convert human skin cells into egg cells was revealed just recently in May of this year by the University of Oregon. Imagine if artificial wombs could be fitted into a female android with the egg cells provided by the skin of the human owner perhaps. The advent of a fully functional synthetic woman with the capacity for procreation is becoming more and more tangible. The implications for society will be tremendous. The only thing that separates them from a real human then is the lack of a soul…or is it?
(Image via D4N 13l3)
Ghost in the Machine
“When does a perceptual schematic become consciousness? When does a difference engine become the search for truth? When does a personality simulation become the bitter mote… of a soul?” (Dr. Alfred Lanning, from ‘I, Robot’)
The concept of artificial or created beings having a consciousness or a soul is not a new one. In Pinnochio the title character is a wooden puppet that comes to life but who wishes to be a real boy. In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the monster Victor created out of body parts is famously brought to life by a lightning strike and develops a separate and new personality different from that of the dead bodies from which it was composed. The monster then comes to the conclusion that in this cruel world all it wanted was a companion so as not to be alone.
We’ve been conditioned to think of a soul as a transparent image of ourselves transposed on our physical form, or some sort of etheric energy that empowers matter. The issue of the soul is a metaphysical question and therefore impossible to answer empirically. But one of the metaphors used to distinguish us humans from the beasts of the fields and the forests, is our capacity to make choices (usually informed) and our ability for self-awareness, as well as being able to express that self-awareness to others.
Check out this creepy display of artificial intelligence:

Since no one has yet been able to devise a scientific means of detecting a soul’s presence, the current best way is to look at how something reacts and responds and whether it corresponds to our notions of soul and consciousness. Animals are screwed because though many acknowledge they do have self-awareness and the capacity to make choices, it is next to impossible for an animal to be given equal rights or seen as possessing a soul on account of being non-relatable to us (and also we’ve been butchering them for years).
Androids and automatons however do not suffer from these flaws. Instead they can look and feel as realistically human as technological achievement would allow. Eventually lifelike androids that can appeal to us emotionally will appear on the market. As David Levy winner of the 2009 Loebner prize for Artificial Intelligence puts it, “If a robot appears in every way to possess consciousness, then in my opinion, we should accept that it does”.
Check out this amazing rendition of what A.I. would be like:

If artificial intelligence (AI) develops where it thinks and acts in a manner indistinguishable from human beings, does it mean it has sentience? Therefore should it be afforded rights? These are questions that throw up interesting and subversive ideas of what it means to be human with massive theological and philosophical implications. This post marks the end of our three part article on robots.


The spark in smartphones and tablets have brought about new niches of art that were never thought possible before. So when Kyle Lambert posted a video of his elaborate finger painting on his iPad that resembles an extremely realistic portrait of God himself (or commonly known as Morgan Freeman), it might be only natural to deem it fake. While the video shows the intricately fine detail that the artist goes through to achieve this realistic-looking portrait on the app Procreate, some sceptics claim that this  is a backward playback, using the app’s photo uploading function, and then working backwards to create this video.
However, this is not the only work from Kyle Lambert. Using other paint apps such as Brushes, Kyle gets his fingers not so dirty while creating his iPad masterpieces of other Hollywood celebrities.

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50 musicians and music-related applicants were specially invited to attend an up-close and personal session with the architect of disco himself, Nile Rodgers. In town for the Chic featuring Nile Rodgers concert at KL Live last night, the guitarist and band leader made time for an hour-long Q&A session hosted by Red Bull Music Academy.
With his trusty Fender Stratocaster guitar (dubbed, The Hitmaker) strapped on, Rodgers demonstrated how he developed his unique playing style and approach to hit-making. Stressing that he always wanted to play the piano, Rodgers said that he took the piano’s approach of playing running melodies to his guitar-playing. Having produced numerous hit albums and songs for the likes of David Bowie, Duran Duran, Diana Ross, Sister Sledge, Madonna; and now Daft Punk, Avicci, and Chase & Status; Rodgers’ work can be heard today on the radio at any given time – whether it is via his influence or direct sampling of his works (eg: Diana Ross’ ‘I’m Coming Out’ used on Notorious BIG’s ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’).
The legendary guitarist-producer of Chic revealed secrets behind the hit records he produced to an intimate crowd of music opinion leaders and budding musician-producers
Serving as MC for the night, Editor of JUICE and CLIVE magazine, Ben Liew fired away questions about his production work and also on Rodgers’ tremulous past. Rodgers, growing up in ghettos of New York and Los Angeles, had been the victim of racism as a result of his mix-race parents, both of whom were heroin addicts. From an early age, Rodgers learnt to survive using his wit and became musically inclined while meeting a host of colour characters from Frank Sinatra to the Blank Panthers.
Rodgers admitted that he had always been a “Fixer record producer” – someone to go to when an artist has not had any hits for a while and needs “fixing”. His open attitude and willingness to push the envelope as well as his trademark “happy” dance sound has made him the sought-after producer he is currently with Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ cementing itself as the Song of the Year for 2013. Rodgers also spoke about his work with David Bowie on Let’s Dance (particularly how he created the riff for ‘China Doll’) and the role of DJs in today’s music ecosystem, and got philosophical about music business and reaching a wider audience.
Coming off performing 100 shows in the last 120 days, the prostate-cancer survivor gave a vivacious performance with Chic in the concert that followed the infosession playing hits like ‘Le Freak’, ‘Dance Dance Dance’, ‘I Want Your Love’ and ‘Good Times’.
About Red Bull Music Academy
The Red Bull Music Academy (RBMA) is a world-travelling music symposium curating special educational workshops for musicians and music-related professionals, concerts and events, and other activities aimed at bringing the local and international music community closer. Although RBMA organises events all over the world, all year round, it has one major stop each year which lasts one month. For the past 15 years, at each of its major stops, RBMA builds infrastructure and equips it with facilities and technology to host a small group of students (picked by Red Bull from around the world) to further their musical knowledge and awareness in hopes of creating leaders in their fields.


confetti ornaments

All those wrapping paper, old plastic baubles, greeting cards and other rubbish end up making a little Christmas tree pile of trash in our landfills. This season, don’t get your gifts wrapped at the store. Spare a thought for Mother Nature with these simple tips:

You’d be surprised at how many pretty ornaments you could whip up from just a few reusable items. Google it.
Instead of using wrapping paper, get out some old recyclable paper, carve out half a raw potato, and get your hands messy with some potato print paper.
Don’t spend precious money on a 3 by 3 gift tag. Cut out your own from old Christmas cards or decorative paper.
If you must by wrapping paper, make sure you get the ones made out of recycled paper. They’re quite pretty and vintage looking too!
 recycled wrapping paper
Use your evolutionary-defined motor skills to open your presents, and save the gift wrap for next year.

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Back-breaking work in the kitchen could turn into a great mood-ruiner for Christmas, particularly if you’re planning on entertaining big. It is times like this when PH Pastry’s seasonal menu comes in handy for a great night of festive wining and feasting. Known for their delicate pastries and sinful confectionaries, the restaurant/café will be dedicating three-coursed dining sets for Christmas and New Year, scheduled to be up for orders from 14th Dec 2013 – 1st Jan 2014. So naturally, when we were asked to come try out their menu at their premises in Lakefields, Sungai Besi, our team was only too happy (and hungry) to oblige.
SOUP-PED UPPresented in appropriately festive colours, the first course consisted of three soups, one from each set.  The green Creamy Asparagus (Set A) soup was healthily yummy (recommended for vege lovers), with the taste of the slightly salted roasted oyster balancing the flavor of the entire mouthful of soup nicely. The tangy Gaspacho Andalusia (Set C) soup [feature pic], which is basically tomato soup served cold with croutons and a sprinkling of parmesan cheese was delightfully tangy, light in texture but rich in tomato-ey goodness. My personal favourite for this course would have to be the Carrot Ginger (Set B) soup (although personally the thought of ginger in anything except tea and biscuits normally frighten me). With hints of nutmeg and roasted pine nuts, the ingredients interestingly and surprisingly worked great together, giving fusion-like flavours from the east and west.
PH Pastry Carrot Ginger Soup with Roasted Pinenut and NutmegCarrot Ginger Soup with Roasted Pinenut and Nutmeg (Set C)
TUMMY TEASERS & TAPASThe next dish that made its way to the table was pretty, well…pretty. Again, served in seasonal colours of red, white, green and orange, the Seared Scallop with Green Peas & Orange Aioli (Set A) appetizer led our tastebuds to do a little tango for a bit in our mouths – definitely a dish you’ll not forget very easily, especially since it includes an adventurous combination of tomatoes, scallops, green peas, oranges, and strawberries. Yes, strawberries (as granite). The other two appetizers in the sets were Crab Cakes with Spicy Hummus (Set B) served with sprinklings of corn tortilla and a sweet sesame pastry cup, and Patatas Bravas with Sausages (Set C), consisting of three different types of sautéed potatoes served with beef chorizo sausages, paired with a slice of Baguette bread for a good chunky and meaty bite. Beware though -  the latter is a little on the spicy side, but is a great tongue teaser before the upcoming course.
PH Pastry bPatatas Bravas with Sausages and Baguette (Set C)Patatas Bravas with Sausages and Baguette (Set C)
PH Pastry Seared Scallop with Orange Aioli and Green Peas (Set A)Seared Scallop with Orange Aioli and Green Peas (Set A)
ENTRÉEThe first entrée to reach our taste buds was the epitome of Christmas feasts – Roasted Turkey Leg with Cranberry Sauce (Set B) – and I have never tasted cranberry sauce more beautiful in my life. If you’re out to get the traditional Christmas feast, then we suggest you opt for this menu. If you’re a cheese lover, however, you might just enjoy the Fillet Mignon with Roasted Chad Potatoes (Set C) served with a healthy dollop of piquant but aromatic gorgonzola cheese. The essence of these flavours work interestingly together – I use the word ‘interesting’ but really, you should give it a go and decide for yourself. Lastly, the Potato Chicken with Sundried Tomato Sauce (Set A) was a brilliant ending to our feast. This familiar but atypical take on the regular poultry dish was pleasantly surprising, with the sweet-savory tomato pesto enriching the flavor of the crispy potato encrusted chicken fillet tastefully.
PH Pastry Fillet Mignon with Roasted Chad Potatoes and Gorgonzola cheese (Set C)Fillet Mignon with Roasted Chad Potatoes and Gorgonzola cheese (Set C)
PH Pastry Roasted Turkey Leg with Cranberry Sauce (Set B)Roasted Turkey Leg with Cranberry Sauce (Set B)
So, if you’re craving a good fix this Christmas, whether it’s for that family gathering, for the reminder of home, or just for the heck of it, be sure to make your reservations at PH Pastry for a memorable dining experience. Choose from Set A (RM 76.90)Set B or Set C (both at RM79.90).
PH Pastry will be also having their usual pastries up for the season, as well as a few additional treats and patisseries that are only available during this festive time of the year. From crumbles, to macarons, to Christmas cakes, be sure complete your holly jolly meal with one of these delectable deserts famed at the restaurant / cafe!


Ball & Trophy

adidas today unveiled brazuca, the official 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ match ball. The ball was revealed with a spectacular 3D light projection launch event held at the iconic Parque Lage in Rio de Janeiro.
Adidas Brazuca 38947 cutout final
‘brazuca’ was named back in September 2012 following a public vote in Brazil involving 1 million football fans; the name ‘brazuca’ is an informal local term which means ‘Brazilian’, or to describe the Brazilian way of life. The colours and ribbon design of the ball panels symbolise the traditional multi-coloured wish bracelets worn in the country (fita do Senhor do Bonfim da Bahia), in addition to reflecting the vibrancy and fun associated with football in Brazil.
‘brazuca’ went through a thorough testing process over a two and a half year period involving more than 600 of the world’s top players and 30 teams in 10 countries across three continents, making it the most tested ball ever by adidas and ensuring that it is suited to all conditions. Clubs involved in testing included AC Milan, Bayern Munich, Palmeiras and Fluminese. Players involved in the process included global football stars Leo Messi, Iker Casillas, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Zinedine Zidane. The ball has already been tested in competitive international matches at the FIFA U-20 World Cup™ with a different print design, and was also used in a friendly match between Sweden and Argentina in February 2013.
The technology incorporated into the bladder and carcass of ‘brazuca’ is identical to the Tango 12 (UEFA Euro 2012™), Cafusa (FIFA Confederations Cup 2013) and the ever popular UEFA Champions League™ Official Match Ball. However, a new structural innovation with a unique symmetry of six identical panels alongside a different surface structure will provide improved grip, touch, stability and aerodynamics on the pitch. brazuca has been thoroughly tested to meet and exceed all FIFA metrics for an official match ball, ensuring top performance for every condition.

adidas has called on players and fans to “Love Me or Lose Me” with the unveiling of ‘brazuca’ as part of its “All In or Nothing” World Cup campaign. adidas is launching @brazuca on Twitter, where fans will be able to track the build-up to the FIFA World Cup™ in Brazil through the eyes of the ball as it travels the world and offers an alternative take on the game. ‘brazuca’ will visit footballing nations, meet players and celebrities, and take part in major cultural events before landing in Brazil for the first game in June, and will be tweeting all the way.
Brazilian star Dani Alves said: “My first impression of brazuca is of a ball that is fantastic and we’re going to have a lot of fun with it. adidas has created an incredible-looking ball fitting for a tournament as big as the FIFA World Cup. Most importantly it plays well on the ground and in the air. I’m sure all the players will love it. It’s increased my levels of excitement even further and I honestly cannot wait for the opening game!”
FIFA World Cup™ winning Spanish captain Iker Casillas said: ”brazuca has a stunning design that feels inspired by Brazil. Now the ball has been launched the tournament feels a lot closer. I’m looking forward to playing in Brazil with a great ball. Hopefully with ‘brazuca’ we can get the same result as in 2010.”
The launch of ‘brazuca’ marks the next phase of adidas’ “All in or Nothing” 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ campaign, following the launch of seven national federation FIFA World Cup™ kits and the Samba Collection, a Brazilian-themed football boot collection. The FIFA World Cup™ is the world’s largest football event and the ultimate platform for the adidas state-of-the-art apparel, hardware and footwear. adidas has made every FIFA World Cup™ ball since 1970, and recently extended the partnership with FIFA until 2030, including the supply of the official match ball.
adidas WC ball history
‘brazuca’ is available to purchase worldwide (December 4th) at all adidas Sports Performance Concept Outlets in Suria KLCC, Pavilion, The Gardens, Paradigm Mall and Empire Subang and retails at RM440. Join the adidas football conversation at or on Twitter: @adidasfootball #allin or nothing.
Xavi_Samba-052 Tello_Feds-007 Moura_brazuca Messi_brazucaLavezzi_brazuca Hernanes_brazuca Cavani_Samba-187 Alba_brazuca 20130922_Adidas_Oscar_0008_DSC3621_DSC3269_RGB_DSC3024_RGB _DSC2885_RGB